A praise to FeatureUnion

At the dark age of my project, I needed multiple and parallel feature extraction from my dataset, then I found a proper scikit-learn tool which is FeatureUnion. This tool concatenates results of given multiple transformer objects. I should extract both Part-Of-Speech tag and punctuation features. Starting from this point, I decided to use FeatureUnion in my project. I figured out combination of each POS tag vector is like below


and of course I applied the same solution for punctuation vectors.


All code is about feature union is below

 combined_features_pos = FeatureUnion([("noun", noun_vector),
                                       ("verb", verb_vector),
                                       ("adjective", adjective_vector),
                                       ("adverb", adverb_vector),
                                       ("pronoun", pronoun_vector),
                                       ("conjunction", conjunction_vector),
                                       ("number", number_vector)])

combined_features_punct = FeatureUnion([("comma", comma_vector),
                                        ("period", period_vector),
                                        ("colon", colon_vector),
                                        ("semicolon", semicolon_vector),
                                        ("question", question_mark_vector),
                                        ("exclamation", exclamation_mark_vector),
                                        ("triple_dot", triple_dot_vector)])

It’s not enough for me, I combine two combined features via FeatureUnion

combined_features = FeatureUnion([("pos", combined_features_pos), 
                                  ("punct", combined_features_punct)])

Finally, here my last combined features.


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