What a year of community

Hello from a delayed post. I’m going to write about my year of community in this post. I joined to some communities and related events over the past year. I prepared a chronologic list of groups and events which I am a member or participant of them below. Some of the events are local events that for Turkish speakers.

    1. 17th Jan 2015, I was a participant of We listen to women in IT event was organized by Google Anita Borg Scholarship Community.
    2. 23rd Jan 2015, I was officially a member of Kadın Yazılımcı (Women Techmakers). Kadın Yazılımcı is an environment that females share their notions and experiences about computing or not computing to encourage successors. I published 3 posts about python, 2 posts about algorithms and 1 post about my PyCon comments from the website of Kadın Yazılımcı in the last year.
    3. 15th Mar 2015, I was a participant of Women Techmakers Conference. Also, I was a booth attendance of Kadın Yazılımcı in this conference.
    4. 10th Apr 2015, I was a participant of PyCon 2015. I gained financial grant from the organization and did some volunteer works such as booth attendence on the PyLadies booth.pyladies
    5. 11th Jul 2015, I gave a presentation Text classification via scikit-learn in the PyIstanbul event. pyistanbul which is a group of Istanbul-based Python developers.
    6. 25th Jul 2015, I was a participant of PhpKonf and also I was one of the panelist of Kadın Yazılımcı panel in the conference.
    7. 13th Sep 2015, I was one of the organizer and one of the mentor of the first DjangoGirls Istanbul event. Also I was one of the proofreader of DjangoGirls tutorial Turkish translation project.
    8. 12th Dec 2015, I was one of the mentor&organizer&participant of DjangoGirls Istanbul. That was an amazing event! dsc_4825_nice_23413134480_o

I hope this year I write more often.


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