my PyCon notes

I was at PyCon and it was my first PyCon, so I’ll talk about PyCon right now. It is surely beyond doubt that, PyCon is a great event. Before my notes on speakings, I want to mention about financial grant of the organisation. I received a financial grant to cover my transoceanic travel expenses, yay! Also, I did two volunteer works during conference. First, I helped registration desk stuff. Second, I worked on the pyladies stand that I sold approximately 20 pyladies t-shirts, also I met great persons during my volunteering time.

Now, speakings can take to the stage. First day I sit in on especially machine learning related speakings. (Talking titles refer to links, you can watch easily.)

Machine Learning 101 pandas, scikit-learn, gensim, Theano, continuum packages for machine learning
“Words, words, words”: Reading Shakespeare with Python text analysis, meta data, rhyme distribution (*it is a similar but light version of my authorship detection project)
Data Science in Advertising: Or a future when we love ads Real-Time Bidded (RTB) advertising, Click Through Rate (CTR) Prediction, Auto-Bidding systems, Traffic Prediction
Grids, Streets and Pipelines: Building a linguistic street map with scikit-learn geojson, hyperparameters, geopandas
How to interpret your own genome using (mostly) Python gemini, genome sequence
Losing your Loops: Fast Numerical Computing with NumPy aggregation functions, universal functions, broadcasting, and fancy indexing (*that is my favourite! it’s so clear, simple and useful)
How to build a brain with Python simulate the brain, Nengo, Spaun
Keynote – Guido van Rossum python 3, diversity
A Beginner’s Guide to Test-driven Development TDD
Cutting Off the Internet: Testing Applications that Use Requests requests,vcr, httpretty, mock, and betamax
Techniques for Debugging Hard Problems always read source, read all source
Finding Spammers & Scammers through Rate Tracking with Python & Redis velocity engine, keyspaces and facets

I should talk about poster session, I like clear and simple project. I saw a few clear&simple poster project and liked them, great jobs!

bonus, bonus, bonus:



my EuroPython notes

After a long pause, i want to share my EuroPython 2014 notes. First of all, i should talk about financial grants. Because i received a grant from the organisation. My grant involved a free ticket which is a standard ticket for the conference for free (including full access to talks, trainings, sprints, official social event…) Now i pass on to geek side. I joined more sessions than i mention below, these are just the first things that comes to my mind.

Speaking my keywords
Will I still be able to get a job in 2024 if I don’t do TDD? tdd, cyber-dojo
Writing multi-language documentation using Sphinx sphinx, transifex
Scaling with Ansible ansible
Compress Me, Stupid! blosc, in-memory compression
Graph Databases, a little connected tour graph database, Neo4j
I want to help! How to make your first contribution to open-source openhatch
Eve – REST APIs for Humans rest
Writing Awesome Command-Line Programs in Python cla, ArgumentParser
Elasticsearch from the bottom up elastic search, lucene
Python’s Role in Big Data Analytics: Past, Present, and Future numpy, array oriented, broadcasting data, blaze lazy computation